Team Financial Talkies

Somil Bhargava
Founder/Branding Lead
Graduated from VIT University,he has a knack for analysis and has a keen eye on upcoming startups across domains. He is inclined towards entrepreneurship, philosophy and startups, not necessarily in that order.
Siddharth Gupta
Co-Founder/Marketing Chief
A learner in all dimensions who is ready to grow and build a career in finance. He also has a risk taking attitude with excellent marketing skills. He also loves consulting people on multiple domains in his free time
Priya Thakur
Content Curator
A hard worker and passionate about writing, Priya loves reading novels and expresses herself by writing. She feels she is a good reader, She mingles with everyone easily and tries to learn from the experience of the different individuals.
Akshita Agnihotri
Content Curator
Rick Melfi
A freelancer looking to build a reputation, I have finally decided to break out of the monotony of life to pursue my many talents and passions. I have worked and studied in many fields/industries over the years, increasing my skill set, and have also freelanced and written many pieces in a part-time capacity during this time. I have written scripts/screenplays, short stories, novels, pitches, idea proposals, and much more!
Maanvi Mudgil
Content Curator
A recent engineering graduate, She aspires to have a career in finance in future. She had a hard time sitting idle, so is always looking for new things to do. She likes to read on different subjects like national politics, social issues, world economy and fiction as well.