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Dear Friends,

First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to all of you, our esteemed readers for following our information portal. It is only with your kind support that FinancialTalkies has now reached out to hundreds of readers around the world. It has been our labor of love in terms of setting up the such a robust portal, tweaking it, and nurturing it with hard work by some dedicated folks. A lot of you might be curious to know objective behind launching this portal in the first place. To cut a long story short, this portal is only a preamble of something much bigger, and we will be delighted to share the details with you soon.

WHY FinancialTalkies ?
The dynamic nature of web implies that we are not alone in our endeavors. There are innumerable sites, blogs and portals out there which do the job of disseminating information. Then how FinancialTalkies is different? We always were convinced with the thought that “ANY INFORMATION IS ONLY VALUABLE, IF PEOPLE CAN FIND IT”. There is various information on web which can create various impact on people life but scattered among various sites, blogs or news portals.

To ensure that all best of information should reach to people just by a single click we have developed an engine, similar to Google technology, which crawls for the information across the web and get top 2-5 news every 2 hours to FinancialTalkies. This way we ensure that visitors should be served with only that information which can get some learning advantage for our visitor’s personal or professional life. As mentioned before, our efforts would be in vain had it not been for dedicated followers like you, and now we want to share a bigger pie of our little movement with you, the discerning reader.

We would like to post articles from our readers and give them greater visibility. You might want to ask “what’s in it for me”. We all understand that any important information becomes vital if we add analytical view into that. This way information not only gets served as an important one but also becomes further beneficial for readers. With the limitation of technology, it is not possible only with the help of any tools, engine and app. That is why, allow me to elucidate how contributing to the FinancialTalkies would be an intellectually stimulating and rewarding experience.

Though it’s not easy to start and maintain such portal which is backed with strong technological engine, few people have the tenacity to constantly nurture and update and keep them updated through such portals or be associated with such portals by contributing their post for viewers. Then there’s the issue of recognition.

You might have noticed that in the recent past, our humble portal has assumed the guise of a comprehensive information portal, which tackles various topics in the realms of technology, business, entertainment and popular culture. To put it simply our baby is growing and it needs all the help in terms of fresh and relevant content, and ideas that ignite the spirit of human imagination. This way we are trying to combine the Technology with Human interference. Similar to how Rolls Royale get manufacture and give the best to customers. If two heads are better than one, then pause a moment to gauge upon the impact of a few hundred heads, together in unison all churning out ideas, opinions and knowledge.

This however does not mean we will shy away from individual recognition. Your writing will be your intellectual property, and you will have the tools at your disposal to bring out the best of your creative juices. We will empower you with social media tools that will help you publish your works in the digital market in a multitude of ways. For those with more material pursuits, we will also start offering rewards for the best articles.

We respect your time and inputs as we do for ourselves and understand the value of that equally. You will be an integral part of FinancialTalkies Contributors Team and would be respected and rewarded for all your hard work which you will give ti FinancialTalkies, making it a success. Just to give you a glimpse on what you can expect by having a part of FinancialTalkies, currently we are FinancialTalkies Team is giving its 1000% to make our information portal a big exposure among people.

At the same time we are in constant touch with various brand managers to showcase various promotional campaigns at FinancialTalkies. Currently that model is in its early stage as we need to reserve minimum committed visitors every day. Once the said module will roll out will book revenue through these marketing campaigns. Here comes the sweet…..Whatever campaign will be running on your post, we will be sharing a decent revenue margin ( will be disclosed at time of model launch) with you in order to show our respect and to recognize your time and hard work.

Till this model is under development, we would request you to be a part of our esteemed team and contribute with your best to ensure the maximum exposure and early success of FinancialTalkies. This we it will help both of us to launch the revenue sharing model as earliest. Pls join us today, as we start delivering on our promise of a tightly knit virtual community, sperated by distance, but united in knowledge.

Feel like you could write a decent article yourself? Might as well give it a shot! At Financial Talkies, there’s always room for talented writers!

You may choose to write on any topic. For details you can get in touch with us by emailing us @ [email protected] or by visiting here Contact-Us

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We’re looking to recruit in the following fields –

1. Writing
2. Editing
3. Social Media
4. Design
5. Web Development
6. Marketing
7. Business Development

Please drop in a mail (along with your CV) at [email protected] if you’re interested and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Currently we do not have fix compensation plan except for equity, so only join if you are genuinely interested to be part of this amazing magazine as a founding member.