Best 7 Books to Learn Adobe Photoshop

Here is a list of Seven Books to Learn and Improve Photoshop. Also read : 10 BEST PHOTOGRAPHY APPS FOR ANDROID PHONES


7. 7: Photoshop CC for Dummies: Peter Bauer


This book is very much for beginners and doesn’t deals with any advanced editing.

This is what a reviewer said Amazon “Photoshop CC has a completely different look than previous versions and has many more menus and options. If any app cries out for the “missing manual,” this is the one. Experienced Photoshop users can quickly find most of the familiar tools and settings, but it would be almost impossible to figure out how to utilize the full power of the CC on one’s own. I learned almost everything I know about Photoshop from my 10-year old, dog-eared copy of “Photoshop 6 for Dummies,” and so I assumed that this book would provide the same kind of help. Wrong! Deke McClelland, the author of the old manual, was a lively and opinionated writer who could steer you through the maze of tools and menus by pointing out which were essential and which were repetitious or of little practical use. The CC manual, on the other hand, is a sleep-inducing compilation that adds little or nothing to what is available for free from Adobe’s help file and online tutorials. There’s not one opinion in this manual nor any other indication that the author has actually USED CC for work or pleasure. I suspect that when the Wiley Corporation,a giant publisher of technical books, acquired the “Dummies” brand they replaced the editors and writers who gave the books their distinctive character, I’m sure that they will find their way to innovative publishers. I just hope it will happen soon.”

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