Learn to Increase Your AdSense CPC

When you are tired of getting constant traffic and you so much want to increase your AdSense revenue, then there are many things that you should consider like optimize your ads, blend ads better etc. One of the best thing that you can do is to improve your Cost Per Click (CPC). Here is an awesome article on how to increase your adsense CPC. 

Even a slight change in Cost Per Click (CPC) can result in significant change in your revenue. Let’s calculate it. Suppose during the month of September you got an average CPC of $0.4 and the number of clicks that you got is 25,000. After doing some basic Mathematics, the amount you should have received is $10,000. Now suppose your CPC would have been $0.6 but the number of clicks remains same, 25,000. If this is the case, your revenue should be $15,000. So just a increase of $0.2 in CPC, your earning has been increased by $5,000. Isn’t it interesting?

The worst part is that we cannot control the CPC of the ads and AdSense is the only one to decide it. But we can use some methods to improve it. This whole article is based on the methods or tips to increase your AdSense CPC significantly.

1: Multi-Niche Blog

Having a multi-niche blog always keeps you in the safer side. In these websites, you can post articles on the niches that grabs you more money or which pays higher CPC.

I know that some people out there don’t like multi-niche blog because it has a lot of competition and the website may not perform as expected. They want themselves to be concentrated on single-niche and want to be king of that niche. For them I am providing the niche that pays highest CPC.

  • Domains
  • Gadgets
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs

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2: Use only Rectangular Ads, Leaderboards or Skyscrapers

Dimensions such as 300×250, 336×280, 728×90, and 160×600 are standard dimensions. Anyone who is going to advertise themselves with Google AdWords will surely create ad with these 4 dimensions. So using these dimensions will increase the number for ads that can be displayed in your website and hence, chances of more relevancy. Generally more the relevancy of ads, more will be the advertiser charged and, hence more CPC.

Using other ad sizes may decrease the CTR as well as CPC as the number of advertisers using those ad formats are not much and hence the competition will be less.

3: Avoid Images and Infographics Content

Nowadays there is a new trend of using Infographics to teach something to visitors. Those Infographics are much valuable for the visitors as it is very much easy to learn from Infographics but unfortunately your CPC will go down.

The reason is that, presently, AdSense bots cannot get any idea of things that is written inside an Infographic or image. As they cannot determine the targeted keywords so they cannot show relevant ads in those pages. The result is that, AdSense will pay you low price for those irrelevant clicks.

4: Location of your Traffic

CPC is also decided on the location of your visitors. Generally clicks from US, UK, Germany, France and all these countries fetches more money per click as compared to Asian and African countries.

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The reason is so simple. AdWords, the sibling of AdSense, aims to maximize the conversion rate of all the advertisers. The visitors from US, UK, and west European countries buys more than Asian countries. So if they click on an ad, there are more chances that they will buy the things that the advertisers wants to sell.

5: Avoid Link Unit Ads

There was an era when Link Ads were performing like a hell when they were placed near the navigation bar. But nowadays, people have learnt that those long line of 5 links are no more than adverts. So they have become very successful in avoiding those ads. Hence, the CTR decreases.

In Link Unit Ads, the person who clicked on the ad has to click two times. First time they click, a popup window will open about all the relevant ads and out of those ads, they have to they have to click on one ad. The result is as usual low CTR.

But if your blog is very much niche specific, then you can use Link Ad units as Link Unit Ads will only show high relevant ads in the popped up window. You are half way through the article and you  might have got a sense on how to increase your adsense CPC.

6: Avoid Other Ad Networks

Forget about all other ad networks and concentrate on AdSense only.

The reason is that AdSense generates you much more income than all the other AdSense competitors. The more you put ads, the more commercial will the website looks and hence bad user experience.

I suggest you to put only affiliate ads and direct ads in your website. Also try to maximize the cost/space ratio which means that maximize the direct ads revenue while keeping the number of direct ads minimum.

7: Pagerank

There is no official statement about this but it has seen by many publishers that the pagerank affects your CPC.

If you think it from advertiser’s point of view, advertisers would always like to show the ads on those websites which internet surfers likes. They will not mind to pay even a little extra for it. So it is no harm to charge them more for displaying their ads on websites with high Pagerank.

One of the great example is Facebook. Please note that Facebook does not use AdSense. They use their own ads called as Facebook ads. There are many advertisers who are willing to show their ads on Facebook as they know that people love to spend time on Facebook.

8: Use keyword Rich Content

This is a point that you must have already an idea about. This is why I put this tip on 8th rank rather than placing it on 1st or 2nd position.

This is probably the most important thing that you must to do get high CPC. Writing a keyword rich article will fetch highly relevant ads. As the relevancy of ads are much higher, you will get a high CPC.

It is recommended to not use more than one targeted keyword in your article. If you are writing about Photoshop then only write about Photoshop rather than including Apple Aperture, GIMP, Picasa and all those image retouching software.

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It is also recommended to use the targeted keywords and it’s synonyms at least 5-6 times in an article so that Google bots can be sure about the targeted keyword.

9: Ad Review Center

In the Allow/Block ads tab, there is a feature called as Ad Review Center. This feature tells you the average CPC you get from a particular category such as gardening, investment, ecommerce etc.

You can go there are block all the low paying categories. But make sure than you don’t block all the categories as you will get low competition and hence low CPC. It is recommended to block no more than three lowest paying categories.

10: Website Speed

This is an important aspect you should look to increase your adsense CPC. Your website speed determines a lot. Google has declared few years ago that they will also consider the website’s speed in their search algorithm and slow websites will get less preference. So if your website speed is good, you may get good traffic.

Unfortunately we all do not have $50/mo for VPS hosting and another $50/mo for CDN. So the only thing that we can do is to optimize the CSS, JavaScript and HTML and several other things to increase the loading speed. But if you can spend $10 per month, you can get a good loading speed. You can use Hostgator as your hosting provider and then sign up with Cloudflare free account. Cloudflare acts as a virtual CDN and can increases your loading speed a lot.

AdSense also uses website’s speed as a CPC deciding parameter. More the speed, more will be the CPC.

11: Text vs. Image Ad

If you analyze your AdSense performance report then you will realize that the ratio between the earning is not same. In fact, there is always a huge difference between them. In one of my website TrickyPhotoshop, the earning that I receive from text ads were 89% of the total revenue. Other ads like image, banner, rich media only contributes 11% of the total revenue.

This is good point to consider that you should change the ad type to texts only. Generally text ads have higher CPC as well as CTR as compared to other ads.

But this is not a rule. In your website, maybe banner performs better than text ads. So you should choose accordingly.

If the revenue earned by text ads to the revenue earned by images ad lies in the range of 0.35 to 0.65, then you should choose both formats.

12: Placement

It is always good to place your ads above the fold.

This region includes right below the title, below the navigation, adjacent to logo etc.

AdSense pays more when your ads are located at the top of the article rather than located at the bottom. In fact, it is better to place your ads just after the completion of 1st or 2ndparagraph. This will blend your ad nicely and you will get high CPC as well as high CTR.

You can also post your ad at the 2nd or 3rd position in your sidebar but people are not interested on sidebar ads and hence they do not generally click on those ads.

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13: Write Long Posts

This method is also good for your SEO and user satisfaction.

You should never write posts just to get money. Google has said that you content should be of more than 300 words and many bloggers are writing just 300 words for the sake of fulfilling Google’s requirement. If you have good writing skills, the longer you write, the more it would be worthy. People love articles where they learn a lot. For example, look at the size of the article that you are reading now. This article has more than 2,000 words. I could have completed this post in 300 words with just 5-6 tips but then I guess you will not learn too many things as you are now. The reason I wrote this long article because I want my visitors to learn as much as possible.

14: Improve your CTR

I am not sure by this tip and somewhere I read that your CTR directly impacts your CPC.

If your CTR is below 1%, there are chances that your CPC will always be low because AdSense restricts the maximum CPC that you can get.

Anyways, I am not sure about it so I am not going to discuss about it too much but it is always good to improve your CTR to maximize your earnings.

15: Use High Paying Keywords

Well I am oppose of this method but I know a lot of you would be willing to earn more from AdSense.

One of the technique to increase your CPC is by using high paying keywords rather than low paying keywords. The reason I am oppose to this method is that this makes us greedy. If we keep on practicing it, for sure a time would come when we only think about the keywords and forget about the visitor’s satisfaction. Decrease in visitor’s satisfaction will eventually penalizes your website.

16: Decrease the number of Ads

I know that you may think that I am joking but I am not but you should limit the number of ads from 3 to 2 or 1. Offcourse if you have too many ads and less content your visitors would not be happy to return back to your website. It is always good to show limited number of ads to increase your CPC.

Low number of ads generally pays high CPC. I am very much sure that all the three ads in your website are not performing equally. In fact, there must be one ad unit which generates less than 20% of the total revenue. You should remove that ad unit and that’s all. You will see the increment in CPC in the other ad units.

17: Site Performance

Recently AdSense has introduced a new feature which is called as site performance in their AdSense dashboard.

You can use that feature to analyze where you are lagging behind. But I am not so favor in those ratings as I feel that those ratings are not so worthy. I know more about my blog than the AdSense bots. But you can try that feature to analyze the areas where you are doing not so well according to AdSense.

Hope you had a good time reading-  Tips to increase your AdSense CPC. Like our page for more such articles.


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