Let’s start with the most obvious thing. When you put in all that time and effort into creating your next, fantastic website/blog, then you would hope that you have a good amount of traffic coming to and fro in order to keep you running, right? Many of us hope and hope that if we are good enough and work hard enough, we will find our websites in popular search results but the downside is that it is really hard to do so. Googlebot will still have to crawl through all the other websites first, then get to yours in order to add it to the Google index (probably at page 200 or something like that). Getting your website indexed on google fast is a tough job to do. After all there are million of website to compete with yours!

Well great content and constant, high amounts of traffic will help you with the search result issue, but there’s nothing you can do about the Googlebot and Google index time frame, is there? You bet there is!

Here Are Some Great Methods to get your website indexed on google fast!

Create and Make Use of Sitemaps

This is a document (XML) that is stored onto the server of your website in order to list each page included. Whenever you have any new pages uploaded, your sitemaps will advise search engines to come back and check on the update content.

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After you have completed the process of creating your sitemap, you should submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. Simply sign up for a free account and then add your website into it. Afterwards, click on Optimization and then Sitemaps. You can add your website’s link into the tool and then it will automatically alert Google’s crawl bots to check back.


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Whenever you install a Google program or app, Google is much more likely to get notified that something new is happening with your website, but you should install this straight away regardless. It is worth more than just Google’s crawl bots.

Submit Your Website to Various Search Engines

By simply submitting your website URL to various search engines, you can get a head start in your Google index listing. A lot of people will tell you “not to waste your time” with this, but since it only take a couple of minutes, where is the harm? You can submit your URL to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing, and Yahoo. Usually Webmaster Tools takes care of 90% of search engines for you anyhow

Social Media Profiles (Get Them Created and Running)

Google’s crawler bots, as with every other kind of crawler bot, gains new information primarily through social media and networking links from your profiles or shares from your followers or audience. Try to have a presence on almost every social media platform, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Leave no stone unturned! 

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Share Your Links All the Time, Whenever You Can

After creating your links and uploading them onto all of your shiny, new social media profiles, it’s now time to share them, everywhere. Search engines will be on the lookout and will be notified of updates from these platforms, scoring you and extra visit to get listed faster.

Continue to Upload Offsite Content from Your Website

Continue to post content among other websites, blogs, and profiles at any chance you can get. Just remember not to be a spammer and keep uploading that high quality content. No one likes crappy work, and you will suffer not only in the short term, but the long term as well.

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Use Feeburner in RSS for Your Website

This works similar to, and in addition to, your website sitemap. This is pretty simple to implement. Just sign into your Google account, as with everything Google, and then enter your feed with the program Feedburner. You can do this by selecting your RSS feed URL and entering into the ‘burn a feed’ option available to you.

Enter Your Website into Blog Directories

Here’s a little tip that will light up your entire day; TopRank has an amazingly large list chock full of blog directories that you can upload your RSS feed into. You will be able to generate a lot more links doing so and in turn, crawl bots will be coming around looking to nab any new updates or information. You can also utilize Technorati and Alltop as alternatives, or better yet, utilize all three of them for the best chances of being indexed super fast!

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Good luck with your mission my friends! Hope this article helps you to get your website indexed on Google fast


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