You have graduated from college and you have couple of job offers on the table. On one hand you have 9-5 job and on the other hand you have job offer from a small startup. You have seen their products, believe in their mission, like their approach but you are not ready to take risk of working at a startup. You are getting attracted toward corporate job and good pay with nice benefits. It is smart choice but here are some best reasons to take risk and enter the startup world instead.

  1. You will have more authority

If you are working at a startup, it probably means you are working with small team; most probably there is nobody else in the company who has same skills as you, thinks the same way as you do or even handle problems like you do. So you will have different responsibility.

  1. You will have so many opportunities

As you already know that most startup jobs don’t pay as well as some of the bigger corporate and business jobs. You can avail more than a startup is able to pay. It might be possible you can earn more than a startup is able to pay. But if you are working at a startup it offers you a different type of reward based on skills and you have lot of more opportunities.

  1. You can try lot of different things

After entering the corporate you will generally get stuck with their main task and will not able to get in other areas. Whether it’s writing, designing, filling out spreadsheets or any other tasks, there is usually one person for specific tasks. While working at a startup will allow trying different things.


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  1. Learning from true pioneers

People who start their own business think differently and have different professional makeup.  Entrepreneurs have lots of different and innovative ideas. They are defined by seeing the problem and getting solutions of it. They are the best people to learn from. They will try to find the solutions differently and will drive most of the time in their work.

  1. You will get credits of your work

Mostly in movies or TV serials we have seen that working at big company the hard work is ignored by the boss or other people will snag the credit. But working at startup your work will be noticed or appreciated. The working team will recognize your work and will praise you. You will be able to understand your mistakes and try to work hard.

  1. You will become more sensible

Working in startup will make you use your money very wisely. The commercial and frugality responsibility will also help in your real life and you can find new way of success and will be able to manage your life easily. You will be able to juice up both mentally and physically and will become more innovative.

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  1. You will learn the values of hard work, leadership and self sustainability

The most important benefit of working at a startup is realizing that hard work, thinking creatively, and determination are worth a whole lot. You will be able to understand the importance of ownership and the liberty which we need to pursue it. Working at a startup and marketing the news of your team’s product, a product which you helped to come in existence, teaches you the values of ownership and gives you pride in your work.


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